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17 August, 2009

Wikepedia: should it be exclusive or inclusive?

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One of the things I really like about Wikipedia is that it’s great for finding about popular culture. If you want to know the discography of an obscure grunge band or the backstory of an anime character, Wikipedia probably has it.

But, apparently, there’s a large-scale disagreement among its editors about how much to include—see “Wikipedia approaches its limits.” The original aim was to include articles about significant topics. But, each trade or hobby has its own significant topics—its own history, jargon, prizes, heroes, and villains.

I tend to side with the inclusionists because I can ignore what I don’t want; in fact, it won’t even come up in my searches. How much would you include?

31 December, 2008

What is “information design”?

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Today looked for Wikipedia articles that needed a improvement. I copy-edited the article on Information design. Then I toned down some of the more blanket claims, added a writing/statistical perspective to the graphic design perspective, shuffled some paragraphs around, reduced the number of separate sections for “competencies” and added some more related articles. I think it’s better. Comments?

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