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12 May, 2010

Add a microblog to your main blog

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If you have TypePad, you can add a microblog that scrolls separately and update it with short comments. You can even update it remotely via e-mail, text messaging, or Blog It.

Here’s how: “Add a Microblog to your Main Blog,” Six Apart Knowledge Base.

15 March, 2010

Blog: I’d Rather Be Writing

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I know that feeling! Especially when the Reviewer from Hell wants to squeeze out of me specific information that nobody knows yet before accepting my analysis. Or the Absentee Reviewers think I can just invent it and never need any feedback. Somewhere there is a happy medium.

In this blog, Tom Johnson keeps us aware of trends in technical communication. That’s particularly useful if you work alone or if you freelance and there’s no company to pay for your training and skills upgrades. I’ll be adding I’d Rather Be Writing to the sidebar.

5 December, 2009

Search Engine Optimization

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It’s a whole industry: getting search engines to prefer your Web site: Search Engine Optimization.

12 March, 2009

Seneca College Tech Comm

Just discovered via FaceBook: The Seneca College Technical Communication program has a blog, maintained by Beth Agnew.


Mission:   To provide a real world, relevant, hands-on education in technical communication.

Overview:  Seneca’s Technical Communication Program has been producing capable technical writing graduates for 10 years now.

Seneca College is Canada´s largest college with more than 100,000 full and part-time students on campuses across the Greater Toronto Area. Seneca provides internationally and nationally recognized career education and training key to graduate success. Every Seneca diploma, certificate and degree program is developed to a high academic standard, in consultation with industry, integrated with information technology, combined with technical and transferable skills, and reinforced by opportunities for ongoing education and re-training.

30 October, 2008

This blog can be linked to LinkedIn

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WordPress has added a new “App” that will let you echo posts from your blog over to LinkedIn. It works for blogs hosted on WordPress or using WordPress software. You will also have the choice of echoing everything or only posts tagged LinkedIn.


  1. Visit the LinkedIn Application Directory.
  2. Select the WordPress App that you want.
  3. Enter the URL of your blog.
  4. Choose to display either all of your blog posts or only those tagged with “LinkedIn.”
  5. Save.

This works for a or blog.

Your WordPress avatar appears beside the top post. You can use Gravatar to create one.

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