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10 March, 2010

Make Twitter work for you

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Anne Gentle is our guide to how to use Twitter and other social media for the necessary marketing of a freelancer and, more intriguingly, for technical documentation. Read “Focus on Twitter for Technical Documentation.”

24 December, 2009

Archival research—a survival guide

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Here’s some good advice for researchers, from an article at the American Historical Association: “A Survival Guide to Archival Research.” It’s like the advice for air travel: Bring snacks; know the schedule & procedures; bring waterless hand-wipes & hand lotion, Band-Aids & minor medical supplies; bring paper & pencil. Unlike in air travel, the authors suggest leaving pens at home so as not to smear original documents and frown on chocolate in the snacks for the same reason. I think I’d add water to the survival supplies and white gloves to the document-protecting equipment.

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