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7 April, 2010

Plain language

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The plain language movement proceeds in fits and starts. Everyone who considers it knows that making public knowledge accessible to all is a good idea. However, the tactic for some government web sites in my province is to declare themselves easy to read without making any actual changes. Just to remind everyone, here are some benefits from

The benefits of plain language are both tangible and intangible. The American public deserves plain language communication from its government.

* Plain language gets your message across in the shortest time possible.
* More people are able to understand your message.
* There is less chance that your document will be misunderstood, so you spend less time explaining it to people. And if your document gives instructions, your readers are more likely to understand them and follow them correctly.

Many studies have shown that plain language affects your bottom line—you can save time, personnel resources, and money. And you will give better service to your readers.

27 November, 2009

Before and After

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eXXX location(s) do not have XXX controller; therefore, no response from xxxc does not mean that controller does not work.


eXXX locations do not have an XXX Controller, so don’t try to ping it or test it.

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