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11 September, 2010

Careers in publishing: Wiley

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Wiley Publishers has a page describing the kinds of publishing jobs they have and a link to their current openings.

9 February, 2009

Learning to use Acrobat

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I quite enjoyed the two days of courses last week put on by Front Runner Training. I was pleasantly surprised by how much information the instructor, Bruce McVicar, managed to convey. As a bonus for taking both courses, I received a copy of a quick start guide to Acrobat 8.

Acrobat Essentials I

This 1-day course teaches participants how to create and enhance PDF documents such as bookmarked pages, searches, annotations, document settings and page control. Participants will also learn how to create PDF documents from other programs such as Microsoft Word and apply security and authenticate PDFs.

Acrobat Essentials II

This 1-day course teaches participants how to create enhanced PDF documents with security using Acrobat Professional. Digital IDs, OCR conversion of scanned documents, Using Bates numbering, creating batch processes and using editing and redaction tools will be covered. Participants will also learn how to create Indexes for faster searching across multiple PDF files. Acrobat Distiller assists users in the creation of PDFs and application of security and other settings. PDF forms will be learned with examination of different types of user entry fields and methods of capturing information returned by others.

I also located a users’ resources on the Acrobat Web site. If you go to this link, you can find lots of help, including some online documentation:

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