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13 October, 2012

International Plain Language Day

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Toronto communicators celebrated International Plain Language Day with a conference and public open house. Here are a few of the participants.

A group of white collar workers sits in a lounge

International Plain Language Day


17 December, 2009

Jack/Zen blog

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Jack Ricciuto of talks about being a mentor.

12 March, 2009

Seneca College Tech Comm

Just discovered via FaceBook: The Seneca College Technical Communication program has a blog, maintained by Beth Agnew.


Mission:   To provide a real world, relevant, hands-on education in technical communication.

Overview:  Seneca’s Technical Communication Program has been producing capable technical writing graduates for 10 years now.

Seneca College is Canada´s largest college with more than 100,000 full and part-time students on campuses across the Greater Toronto Area. Seneca provides internationally and nationally recognized career education and training key to graduate success. Every Seneca diploma, certificate and degree program is developed to a high academic standard, in consultation with industry, integrated with information technology, combined with technical and transferable skills, and reinforced by opportunities for ongoing education and re-training.

17 February, 2009

Jacques Barzun, researcher and editor

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Tags: , , has a moderately detailed biography of Jacques Barzun. For seventy years, Barzun has written and edited over 30 books of critical and historical studies on a wide variety of subjects.

His book The Modern Researcher has an excellent chapter on writing well.

10 December, 2008

Resources page

I just brought in a whole page of Technical Communication links and added them to the Resources page.

Here they are. Anyone finding a broken link or a new resource, please mention them in the comments. You’ll get a tip of the hat and a virtual sweet.

As this post sinks below the horizon, you can always find the page by clicking “Resources” on the upper right.

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