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6 September, 2011

Consistency is key

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As an editor, you don’t always need to be an expert to know that something is wrong.

The owl family

If a piece contains internal contradictions, query it.

Strigi- or Stringi- ?

Often you can just check public references to find the correct form.

The "Strigis" have it

“”Strix” was the Latin word for owl. Ironically, it comes from the Greek word “strinx,” or screecher.

20 June, 2011

Dear CBC: These are not the Vancouver Canucks

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people, some in Vancouver Canucks hockey sweaters, watch a burning car

The folk on the street are not the team

The CBC took short-forming a little too far when it labelled a crowd of sports hooligans, some in Vancouver hockey jerseys, as “Vancouver Canucks.”

That’s “Vancouver Canucks fans,” if you please.

2 April, 2009

My favourite typo

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sm-getoffunicornThis is far and away the most unfortunate, longest-brewing, disappointing typographical error that I know. I’ve seen typos in headlines. I’ve seen typos in books. I’ve seen typos that caused confusion or absurd mental images. But a book title!

Get Off the Unicorn contains fourteen short stories of science fiction and fantasy by Anne McCaffrey. Years after the fact, the author confided that the title she’d chosen and sent to the publisher was Get of the Unicorn.

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