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31 May, 2010

Communicate via STC World HQ

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The STC’s international organization is creating ways for members to interact:

  • In August, 2009, they started STC’s Notebook Blog to communicate with members and anyone else who is interested.  
  • There’s an STC Ideas forum for members only.

15 March, 2010

Blog: I’d Rather Be Writing

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I know that feeling! Especially when the Reviewer from Hell wants to squeeze out of me specific information that nobody knows yet before accepting my analysis. Or the Absentee Reviewers think I can just invent it and never need any feedback. Somewhere there is a happy medium.

In this blog, Tom Johnson keeps us aware of trends in technical communication. That’s particularly useful if you work alone or if you freelance and there’s no company to pay for your training and skills upgrades. I’ll be adding I’d Rather Be Writing to the sidebar.

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