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17 December, 2010

Make your own holiday cards

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Look here for templates to make holiday cards or winter solstice cards.

15 March, 2010

Blog: I’d Rather Be Writing

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I know that feeling! Especially when the Reviewer from Hell wants to squeeze out of me specific information that nobody knows yet before accepting my analysis. Or the Absentee Reviewers think I can just invent it and never need any feedback. Somewhere there is a happy medium.

In this blog, Tom Johnson keeps us aware of trends in technical communication. That’s particularly useful if you work alone or if you freelance and there’s no company to pay for your training and skills upgrades. I’ll be adding I’d Rather Be Writing to the sidebar.

31 January, 2010

To keep Twitter followers, lose the ego

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Fast Company technology & business magazine online says:  “Want More Twitter Followers? Stop Talking About Yourself.”

After analyzing data from more than 60,000 tweeters, Dan Zarrella–the viral-marketing scientist who gave us nine scientifically proven ways to get re-tweeted–concluded that those who use social language (“we,” “you”) have more followers than those who self-reference (“I”).

Jump to the article to see Dan’s graphs.

6 January, 2010

Change Management Do’s and Don’t’s

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This is and old, but good, guide to starting change management on a computer system. It gives you a feel for why we need change management, ITIL, and all the rest. The objective of Change Management is to reduce the proportion of work that is not planned. Read Change Management Do’s and Don’t’s” by Kevin Behr, Gene Kim, and George Spafford.

24 December, 2009

Archival research—a survival guide

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Here’s some good advice for researchers, from an article at the American Historical Association: “A Survival Guide to Archival Research.” It’s like the advice for air travel: Bring snacks; know the schedule & procedures; bring waterless hand-wipes & hand lotion, Band-Aids & minor medical supplies; bring paper & pencil. Unlike in air travel, the authors suggest leaving pens at home so as not to smear original documents and frown on chocolate in the snacks for the same reason. I think I’d add water to the survival supplies and white gloves to the document-protecting equipment.

22 November, 2009

Toronto Transit guides: TTC Rider

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There are some unofficial guides to the Toronto Transit system that are very useful. For people who want to know the station layout, where to stand, where to catch an elevator, or where the buses are, there’s the TTC Rider efficiency guide. The station maps use simple graphics to give you the layout. I think you can recognize stairs, escalators, and elevators. The map shows the platform surface and the train direction by putting a headlight at the front of the train.

Station map, St. George Station, Bloor line level

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