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27 June, 2011

Lulled by the familiar

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One of the pitfalls of editing is to use the wrong word because it’s familiar and so, to us, it looks right. This one leaped out at me right away.

Web page with list of films and schedule for shows

List of films in Cosmic Cinema Film Series

So I checked the details….

Web page: Picture of a galaxy and description of showing of for Carl Sagan film

A Carl Sagan film!

What’s wrong with that description?

For the answer, see below the fold.

Carl Sagan’s work was called “Cosmos.” The documentary series originated from a book of the same name. A science geek would likely know that. Someone familiar with Sagan made the choice, but someone unfamiliar typed it.

List of films with error circled

The wrong, but familiar, word

The science-film series is Cosmic but the work being screened is the Cosmos documentaries. Whoever typed the description chose the familiar name, perhaps prompted by a spell-checker.

Description of film with Cosmos and Cosmic circled

Cosmic shows Cosmos or vice versa

These are not typographical errors but brain and memory mix-ups that lead to content being transcribed incorrectly. A friend calls them thinkos, a good, quick way of referring to this kind of error.

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