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15 October, 2008

STC chooses new logo

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The Society for Technical Communications has adopted a new logo:

The updated version was developed by the public relations task force, led by Char James-Tanny and Rich Maggiani, with the creative expertise of Patrick Hofmann. Maggiani also revised the logo guidelines to aid in the use of the refreshed logo….

The refreshed logo keeps the basic look of the STC traditional logo and adds graduated blue color plus a hint of curvature and dimension. Remaining inside the “box” are the “STC” letters with the “TC” in yellow to emphasize Technical Communication. The updated version also includes slight changes to the choice of typeface.

The new version will begin appearing on the STC Website tomorrow—and in documents as existing supplies of letterhead and envelopes are exhausted. “With the current economic condition it makes sense that we get the most use of our supplies and signage,” explained STC Executive Director Susan Burton, who indicated that the logo project was undertaken without the expenditure of any additional Funds. “I am especially thankful to Patrick Hofmann for his work on this project,” Burton observed.

Senior Member Patrick Hofmann, of Teeswater, Ontario, Canada, created the new design as a contribution to the Society. “Given the time and investment that went into the STC rebranding back in 2001, I wanted to maintain the overall look and feel of the original STC logo, yet give it a good dusting, polishing, and sprucing up,” explained Hofmann.

The refreshed logo will be posted shortly on the STC Website logo in various formats with guidelines for its use. Chapters and SIGs that have independent logos are encouraged to consider updating their logos and may use elements of the STC logo in their design.

he refreshed logos, both colored and B&W versions, can be used in a variety of new and innovative ways, such as in conjunction with community logos and specific event logos.

Patrick Hofmann is a member of the Southwestern Ontario community of the STC.

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