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25 September, 2008

Intercom: When good projects go bad

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There’s one freely available Intercom article in each online issue. This time it’s “When good projects go bad” by Meryl Natchez. The subtitle is, “Learn to address problems as soon as they arise” (PDF).

24 September, 2008

STC Career Day 2008

STC is the Society for Technical Communication. Last Monday the Toronto STC held a day of seminars for renewing, revitalizing, and re-evaluating a technical communications career. Those attending were a mixture of students, experienced technical writers, people contemplating a second career.

For now, here’s a link to the programme (PDF).

“Ink cognito!

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I always wanted that for a company name. “Ink cognito–I know ink.” In other words, I know how to write.

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